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No, I dont just design Computers, thats just where it all began. Its the integration of modern hardware in almost anything imaginable. If you are looking for an awesome custom built piece of hardware or whether it should be for an event or special occasion, for personal use or at work. Or should it be something wild and sinister. But then again why not sleek and slender, maybe clean and sterile. One thing is for sure, it will certainly be unique and absolutely outstanding in design. I guarantee that with my name. Whether you want a collectors item or a rugged piece of hightech state of the art equipment. Trust in my abilities like others do, to make your dream come true. Lean back and let us create your vision! Everything is posible. Driven by this philosophy guides my hands, fuels my ideas and fires my imagination. It helps me to realise the most complex and innovative designs imaginable. Whether a total scratch build from the first cut or a modified case. Integrated in a piece of furniture or any other architectural structure. As an event show off or as a rugged piece of every day hardware. With or without uniquely solved gadjet automisation and other eye catchers, I guarantee an awsome result, a feast for the eye and a jaw dropping result. If I live the theme, then the theme will live This way of thinking has helped me to create some of the most astonishingly spectacular inventions, creations and pieces of art over the last years. Trust my track record, references and achievements, and you will not be dissapointed. Join the exclusive club and own a real piece of my imaginations creativity. Ali Abbas (alias Alan-Lee)  
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49 International Awards in just 7 years including: First ever world record Casemod 12 time German Casemod Champion 10 time Vice German Champion 8 time Third Place German Champion 3 time Modding Masters Winner 2 time WMI Gold Winner First Ever Casemod Museum Exhibition Numerous nominations as mod of the month and mod of the year Contact me by clicking here